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全国国立大专入学辅导2022 全马16站线下辅导站等你来参与!

Universities Enrolment Sharing Session 2022 (16 sharing workshop) waiting for you!


campus guide


Universities Enrolment Sharing Session gathered campus guides of 16 public universities and 25 campuses. All kinds of information are provided here for you! Just one step, click on the button here to start your dream campus life!


UESS Stations

“我需要带什么东西踏入校园?我应该在哪里报到?宿舍会不会有门禁?” 问题很多,但问题不大!全国国立大专入学辅导于各州属设立了数个入学辅导站,届时会有帅帅的学长和美美的学姐为学弟学妹解答疑惑!拿起小本本并点击查看,记下您邻近的大专入学辅导站吧!

“What do I need to bring on campus? Where should I report for my enrollment? Any strict door policy?” Universities Enrolment Sharing Session will set up counseling sessions in different states. All seniors are ready to clear your doubts! Check out the nearest station from your hometown!


Loans & Scholarships


Rising prices cause high living costs for students. Don’t panic, various loans and scholarships have been sorted out! Click on here to access loans and scholarships to be your helping hand!


Student Privilege


Do you wish to know about student privilege or discounts? More goods to be received? Apart from academics, enjoyment of campus life should be prioritized! Trust me, you will never regret it if you click on the button here!


Learning Tools


To win a game, you need good support first; To study smart, you need learning tools first! Experienced seniors have listed the most accessible and practical applications along with websites for newbies! Learning tools to guarantee you not to be left behind are just in one click!


About Us

“全国国立大专入学辅导到底是什么样的存在?为什么它能在一次又一次的冲击下,依旧不变地策划着一系列的活动与资讯库,帮助准大专生们做足踏入校园的准备?” 如果您相信前人种树,后人乘凉,不妨点进来,一步一脚印地了解我们!

“How does Universities Enrolment Sharing Session works? How does it help on batches of freshies under mountains of obstacles? Find out here to know more about us!