Universiti Malaysia Kelantan
(Jeli Campus)


  1. Kafe Oryzae

地点:Between Blok A and Blok B

营业时间:9.00 am - 9.00 pm

备注:Kafe Oryzae is the only cafeteria in UMK, with three vendors operating in the café.

  1. Pusat Niaga Siswa (Medan Lama)

地点:Opposite Taska UMK, Near Entrance Route (UMK - Taman Pinggiran)

营业时间:7.00 am - 11.59 pm

备注:There's a student-run business corner (selling snacks) which is referred as Medan Lama/ Old Medan by the on-campus student.


  1. Snack Kiosks

地点:Below Blok A


备注:There are several kiosks available right after the exit of Kafeteria, selling snacks (fried goods)

Minimarkets & Shops

  1. J-Mart

地点:Beside BAP Entrance,

Beside Dewan Serbaguna UMK

营业时间:9.00 am - 7.00 pm

备注:J-Mart, the mini market selling basic necessities including snacks, drinks, and toileteries.

  1. Stationery Shop

地点:Behind J-Mart


备注:Behind the J-Mart, there's a newly-open stationery shop (right before MCO), which also offers printing services.

Parcel and Postal

  1. Pejabat Kolej Kediaman

地点:Behind J-Mart

营业时间:9.00am - 5.00 pm (星期日到星期四)

9.00am - 3.30pm (星期五到星期六)

备注: -

Source: 吉兰丹大学日里分校华文学会